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I’ve always disliked “before” and “after” images. Maybe not the images themselves, but the words before and after in relation to the images. To me they insinuate that the “before” was not good enough. That is certainly not a message I want to put out there. We are ALL good enough. I think we are all beautiful, in our own unique way. As a woman who knows the sacrifices of being a wife and mom (willingly of course), it’s easy to lose ourselves in that role. If we are not mom and wife at home, we are employees or employers who ultimately have to answer to bosses or clients. Our days are usually about someone else’s needs and we often forget that we are important too. So this post is not about a before and after but more of a mom/wife/taxi driver/nurse/psychologist/teacher/all-the-hats-we-wear, to “me” post.  For about 3 hours, Laura was just Laura.  Not mom, not wife, not any of the hats she wears daily, but just Laura. And trust me, Laura needs to be just Laura every now and then.  She has 6 kids aged 12 to 4 !  Enough said.

With kids at home with dad, Laura came to my studio to be pampered.  We did her hair and makeup and then did a photoshoot of just “Laura”.


This is Laura.


The great mom,

the wife,

the volunteer,

the friend,

the daughter,

the teacher,



grocery shopper,



and the list goes on…


She is beautiful.


And this is “just” Laura.  She is beautiful.

We all need a break from the everyday. As much as we love being all those things to all those people, we sometimes forget about ourselves.  Especially moms. I’d love to remind you that you are important and beautiful.  Behind the “what’s for dinner?”, the “she touched me!”, “is my red sweater clean?”, “my tummy hurts”, “have you seen my math book?”, “have you seen my shoes?”, you are still you. Come be pampered. Have your hair and make up done, put on a fancy dress and be photographed as you, all glammed up.  The portraits will be a beautiful reminder for not just you but for your other half, your children and even your grandchildren.  Choose to exist in photos!  Whether you are 20, 50 or 90! Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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As a small business owner myself, it’s important to me to support other local small businesses. And when it’s a woman who is making a go at it, even more so! I believe that we, as women, need to encourage and empower each other any way we can. So today I’d like to feature Jacqueline.

Jacqueline is the founder of Growth by Design Leadership, a company that offers Leadership Skills Training as well as Life-Leadership Development services. Certified Life-Leadership strategist , conference speaker, workshop facilitator, Jacqueline Morrison is boldly empowering individuals and groups to live out the highest expression of their gifts and talents through life leadership development training and coaching.

Do you wish to:

– Find your passion
– Clarify your life vision
– Set life goals in correlation with your strengths
– Learn the habits of highly effective people and how to implement strategies for success
– Take the next steps to get what you want out of life
– Adopt the habit that will move you from complacency to action
– Be positioned for favorable results

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to get in touch with Jacqueline! She will teach you how to create a vision board and coach you along so you can achieve your goals and be the best version of you there is. Visit her at for more information and ways to contact her.


If you are looking to update your corporate headshot or personal branding image like Jaqueline’s, please click HERE to contact me. 

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Blair is a real gem and not just because of her last name. She has a beautiful soul to match her beautiful face. She also happens to be a fellow photographer. Even though I’m a Nikon and she’s a Canon, we are friends (goes to show you we can all get along if we want to- sorry, just a little “tog” humour 😉 ). This friendship has the added bonus of being able to talk photography lingo, like aperture, f stops and focal lengths, that most other people in my life don’t understand.   It’s also nice to be able to chat about the joys and frustrations of being a photographer!  Aside from the common love of photography we are also kindred spirits of sorts; we both love that hippy vibe.  Except she pulls it off so much better as a 23 year old.  But hey, my motto is, be your own kind of beautiful so even at my age of 46, I dig the hippy look.

Being married to a pro football player, Blair moves around a lot.  She was only in Montreal for a short time but everyone who knows her is hoping that Jacob will continue on with the Alouettes and be back for next season.  I personally miss her already and hope she will come back for a visit before next year.  Blair, I have a spare room with your name on it! And don’t forget to bring your camera!


If you live in London, Ontario and you are looking for a lifestyle photographer, shoot Blair a message at

If you would like to book your own portrait shoot with me here in Montreal, please click on “Book a Session” in the menu to send a request.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and I’d love to hear which of Blair’s pic is your favourite so please leave a comment below.  Thanks a million!


Be your own kind of beautiful…


xoxo  Wendy


Vendor shout out:  Tutu and flower crown by Tullicious Tutu Design (link under “vendor links” on home page)

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  • Lynn

    ❤️ these! Great job Wendy!ReplyCancel

  • Blair Ruby

    They’re all aaaaamazing!! I love the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th if I had to choose!! Wendy you are amazing! I had so much fun in your studio and your post editing details are unmatchable!❤️ReplyCancel

  • Gina

    Stunning pictures ! ReplyCancel

  • Laurie Thompson

    My favourite is the third one with her beautiful smile! They’re all amazing.ReplyCancel


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