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In December, I posted about a beautiful momma with a mane of glorious red hair who was 3 weeks away from giving birth. Baby was scheduled to make her appearance on Christmas day, but she had other plans. Almost 2 weeks past her due date, in under 2 hours from first contraction to first breath, Blaze made her grand “exit” into this world.

There are few things that are as fascinating as newborn babies. From the nine months that it takes to grow these tiny humans from a spec inside a momma’s belly to the wondrous living, breathing children of God who protest with cries of annoyance when they emerge from their warm comfortable living quarters.

From the moment they are conceived, they are loved, and  just when you think you cannot possibly love them any more than you already do, they are placed in your arms for the first time and your heart explodes. The word love takes on an entirely new identity; it becomes personal like never before.


Meet 5 days new BABY BLAZE! …and her sweet little squishy lips

I am anxious to see if this little baby girl will be true to her name. If she is, mom and dad, you have your work cut out!

Have any advice or anecdotes for Blaze’s parents? Feel free to comment below… and don’t forget to share!


…be your own kind of beautiful…

xoxo Wendy


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