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Be vulnerable… Exist in photos!

While on our final stretch of vacation, we had family portraits taken by Nikita, one of my son’s friends from the Vancouver Film School who generously agreed to take time away from his family, to photograph us. Wow, was it difficult to be in front of the camera for a change, for so many reasons! One of them being my weight gain this past year! Last year my doctor put me on anti-depressants because I was having some difficulty navigating through some pretty tough family stuff over the past couple of years. I won’t go into those details but needless to say, anti-depressants aren’t known to make you lose weight, but to gain it, rapidly. Though I am no longer taking them, I have yet to shed the weight which makes me that much more uncomfortable in front of a camera. Oh, Ashley Graham, how I wish to be like you! (If you don’t know who that is, Google her 🙂 )
However, not knowing when the 4 of us would be together again, I had to just suck it up and go for it. I had to put my money where my mouth is and do what I tell clients to do. EXIST IN PHOTOS! It doesn’t matter what I look like at the moment, whether overweight or looking tired, or getting older…, these photos will be cherished by those who love me. I will never be perfect, it’s just not possible. So what if I’m a little chunkier than I’d like to be right now; this is my family and we love each other unconditionally. They won’t care in 10 years that their mom carried extra pounds, they will just remember being together on that beach in Kitsilano, British Columbia during sunset.  And they certainly won’t care what I looked like in a photo once I’ve gone to Heaven.  They will just be grateful that they have a photo of their mom to show their families.  And that is priceless.
So to my potential clients: I know how awkward you feel! It’s not easy being vulnerable and looking natural in front of a camera when everything about it screams unnatural. I get it, trust me! But because I know EXACTLY how you feel , it is my mission to make you relax. I promise you will have fun and possibly even forget that the camera is there.  
P.S. Although this is not Nik’s usual style of photography, he indulged me in my vision for my family shoot. I love what he captured for us! Check him out on Instagram, he’s quite talented!
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  • Bonnie Pate

    Beautiful pic of a beautiful family. Wendy you look fabulous !ReplyCancel

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

I had the privilege of spending the day with over 100 women from all over the city and some from out of Province.  Today I attended the Gather Quebec conference for Christian women.   And what a day it was!

As women we are known to be dramatic, emotional, temperamental, hormonal, sometimes even petty.  But we are also warriors who fight for what we believe in.  We love fiercely, are strong, are survivors for many different reasons.  We’re nurturers, protective, feel things deeply.  We are often selfless and put others’ needs before our own.  We can be the sweetest of sweets but mess with our children and we become Mama Bear!

We were created like this intentionally.  We were purposely made to be both tender and fierce.  We were uniquely designed to be just who we are.  None of it was a mistake.  None of it was chance.  We are intentionally made.  We need to learn to embrace every part of who we are.  Not just the physical but who we areWLM_8980
inside too.  I used to fight so hard not to show too much emotion because I didn’t want to appear weak.  But why fight it?  My heart is what makes me love so deeply and care for others.  It allows me to be compassionate towards other and allows me to get angry at injustice.  My emotions are not a sign of weakness, they are part of my womanhood.  I’m a little curvier than I would like to be.  But why should I feel shame because I don’t fit what society deems the perfect weight?  I have 2 beautiful children that my body carried and gave birth to.  I earned my extra pounds and every stretch mark on me!  Why do we struggle so much with who we are?  Why do we often feel like we are less than?  We are not less than!  We are just enough!

We need to stop competing with each other.  Instead, we need to encourage each other, uplift each other, be each other’s cheerleaders.  We need to balance each other and love each other with our words.  We need to be vulnerable with each other and stand together because together we are even stronger!  Together we are a force to reckon with!

What makes YOU a woman?  Tell us what do you struggle with? Let’s be vulnerable with each other so we can come together and encourage each other.  Right here, right now for the world to read.  Maybe, just maybe we will encourage someone without even knowing we did.   I would love to hear from you!

…be your own kind of beautiful…

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