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I had the absolute honour of photographing a young lady who is in grade 6 this year.  She is a “tween”.  I love, love, love photographing this age group!  I love interacting with these girls who are full of life and confidence and who are still comfortable in front of a camera.  I love hearing about their likes and dislikes, how they fare in school, about their teachers and friends and all that fun stuff that occupies a tween.

Like most girls, a princess can be found in Nikki’s heart but for the most part she is more of a tough chick with a big side of sweet!  She plays soccer, can kick your butt (and mine) in karate, plays drums and trumpet, loves music and hanging out outside with her friends.

She rocked the tutu (with a twist of high-tops) and looked great in her jeans and t-shirt!  A perfect mix of princess and spunk!

And can we just talk about her freckles for a minute?!? A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!  Come on, red hair and freckles?  Who doesn’t love that?!?

Tweens are often that forgotten age group between baby and high school grad.  Parents take tons of photos when their children are babies and toddlers and then again when it comes time to graduate high school.  Don’t forget about your tween!  They are at an age where they still want to be close to you, they still need you and you’re not quite an embarrassment yet (I write this with a little humour).  Once those teen years hit, you won’t be needed as much, they won’t want to be seen with you and they will most likely either never be home or be hibernating in their bedroom.  I’ve been through it twice now.  Although it does change back to “normal” there are a few years of trial and tribulation beforehand.  Have your tween photographed so you can remind yourself of that little girl who loves you but who won’t know quite how to show it during their teen years.  You will need that reminder because it’s a difficult time for parents.  It’s wanting to hold on but having to let go.  Celebrate your tween right where they are NOW.

If you would like to have your tween photographed, I would LOVE the honour.  Click on the “book a session” button below to get in touch with me.

Tell us what you love most about your tween in the comments below.  It’s always nice to hear from other parents.


…be your own kind of beautiful…


xoxo  Wendy






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Miss “A”

Tweens to me represent that beautiful age where they are not yet jaded by the unrealistic pressures the media sets for women but at the same time are no longer little girls.  There is a mixture of  innocence and confidence that shines through them.  This is also a “forgotten” age, they are not the little baby that has a million photos chronicling every second of growth or the teen graduating from high school and getting ready for prom.  And yet they celebrate so much.  Graduating from elementary school and heading off to “big” school.  Becoming more independent, coming into their own.  It’s a stage in a child’s life that often isn’t recognized or celebrated.  This is why I love photographing tweens.  I love making them feel special just because of who they are, right now, at this beautiful stage in their lives.

Meet “A”.   I totally enjoyed her confidence and willingness to allow herself to be free in front of the camera.  Many of us women should remember that time when we didn’t worry so much about what we looked like and just went with the flow…
“Miss A” was fun, and carefree and smiled when the name of a certain boy was mentioned.  🙂  Somehow crushes always make us smile, don’t they? I’ve been married to my crush for 21 years and he still makes me smile.

What are your unique ways of celebrating your tween?  I’d love to hear from you!

As always…  be your own kind of beautiful!


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