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why you should choose us

Why choose Wendy La Croix Portraits?

Because YOU'RE worth it!

My philosophy has always been quality over quantity, in all areas of life, and it's no different when it comes to my clients. I pride myself on what I bring to YOU.  

Let's face it, portrait photography is a luxury. In a time when everyone has access to a camera, sometimes it's difficult to justify spending your hard-earned income on a professional photographer.  But what I provide is so much more than a quick snapshop from a cell phone, (that, if we're honest, isn't usually so great). What I provide is the expertise of using proper lighting techniques and precice posing to create a flattering image that you will love and proudly display. Don't you want to be visually remembered long after you're gone?

So why me?  Because I care. I care about your experience.  I care about how your images turn out.  I care about the time and money you invest with me and care how you feel when our time is up.