Q. What is full service photography?

A.  Full service photography is a customized service that is geared towards the client.  From start to finish, not just the session itself.  I will go out of my way to ensure your session is successful.  I will even go to your home to help you select your wardrobe if that’s what you need.  I am a phone call away, and willing to help as often as necessary to ensure you are a happy client.  Full service photographers spend time investing in a relationship with their clients, getting to know them before the shoot to get a feel for who they are, taking the time necessary at the shoot to get a collection of varied, great shots, and continued customer service along the way, even after the session is over.  It is more of an experience than a simple photography session.


Q.  Do your referral vouchers expire?

A.  No.  I understand that not everyone can invest in my services so I wanted to offer my clients an alternative to using cash or credit.  My referral vouchers can be saved and accumulated so that a PORTRAIT COLLECTION can be available to you at a reduced cost or at no cost at all depending on how many vouchers you collect.


Q.  Why are your session fees non-refundable?

A.  The session fee is collected to reserve your date and time.  Since I want to give you my undivided attention at your session, I don’t book more than one session on any given day.  If I have to refuse a client because your session is booked that day, and then you cancel your session, I’ve lost income opportunity.  The session fee serves as a commitment on both our parts.


Q.  How long before our products are delivered?

A.  It all depends on what you’ve ordered.  Usually within 2 weeks, orders are ready for delivery unless specialty items are purchased which could mean longer.  I use specific industry labs in order to provide the best quality products possible which means I am at their mercy for turnaround times.


Q.  Why don’t you offer refunds once product is paid for and delivered?

A.  Since we live in a digital world, once a product is paid for and delivered it can easily be reproduced.   This is why I have my clients inspect product when it is delivered.  If it is accepted, the sale becomes final.

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