Look who turns ONE

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Chloe was born? Time goes by so quickly so embrace every moment while you can!  What better way to celebrate a milestone first birthday than with a cake smash session followed by a bath time session as well!

Chloe was just waking up from a nap in the car when she was brought into my studio by her mom and her aunt Lea and she wasn’t all that happy…yet.  She wasn’t too sure of the lady with the camera so mom and auntie had their work cut out for them.  I think I may just have to hire them for future cake smash sessions 🙂

Although she wasn’t too sure of me, she sure looked pretty in pink!

Time for some cake-smashing!  Or not.

Her cute little cake was made by her auntie Naomi, owner of A CHERRY ON TOP Montreal’s go-to place for beautiful cakes and cupcakes.  But for some reason, little Chloe did not want to get dirty or eat cake (she was still a little bit cranky from being woken up). All she wanted was her mommy!  Any damage done to that cute cake was not done by Chloe  🙂

We needed mom to come to the rescue and that meant getting up and close to Chloe and in front of my camera!  Luckily aunt Lea was there to help make mommy picture ready.  Lea just happens to be her own girl-boss with her business, LEA STEADMAN MAKE UP ARTIST  so all she needed was my arsenal of handy MAC make up and a few brushes and she was ready to make magic happen…but Chloe had other plans.  She was more interested in my make up brushes than she was in the cake!  (All good though because daddy was hoping there’d be some leftovers).

Who knows, maybe Chloe will take after her aunt Lea one day because the brushes put a smile on her face and we managed to get a few happy pictures!  Yippeeee!  But only a few…

…and then she was done…

As they say, all good things must come to an end…but not when you’re ready with a cute little tub for one with some warm water and suds in it!  Nothing like a little bath to put a smile back on Chloe’s face.  And this time, the smile stayed!  Bubbles, a rubber ducky and a little dancing in the tub made for a great ending to her session.  And mom got to take her home clean!

Sometimes things don’t always go the way we plan but we just have to go with the flow and make the most of it.  Babies are unpredictable so rather than fight it, you just have to join in and capture whatever their mood is at that very moment.  At the very least, the cranky cries will give parents something to tease them about during their wedding speeches  🙂

Happy 1st birthday Chloe!


If you have a little one about to celebrate their first birthday, give me a shout, I’d love to shoot your cake smash too!  Better yet, we can do a cake smash and a bath time package so you don’t have to bring home a sticky baby  🙂


…be your own kind of beautiful (even when you’re cranky)


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Serving Montreal & Beyond