Shawn & Cassie say “I do”

For some reason this post never got published.  It had been saved in my drafts but I guess it’s never too late right?

I don’t really consider myself a wedding photographer yet as I have only shot a handful of weddings.  I’m more of a portrait photographer who may come across a sweet couple asking for my services and find myself not being able to say no.  If the fit is right, I say yes.  This one was perfect.  Aside from it being a relatively short contract (I will leave the long hours of shooting to the photographers I know out there who do a great job with weddings), Shawn and Cassie were the sweetest couple to work with.  Shawn with his sense of goofy humour, and Cassie with her kind heart, and both, easy-going.

They were being married out of town so I decided to make it an overnight date for my hubby and me.  You don’t remain married for 22 years without a few dates here and there.  As a bonus, he was my faithful assistant for the day, carrying whatever needed to be carried, helping me change lenses…he even took a few decent pictures with my second camera.

Cassie is a book “nerd”, and I use that word out of love, she is not really a nerd.  She just loves, loves, loves books.  So much so that her wedding decor revolved around them.  She did such an amazing job using her love of books in all the details.  She used books as centre pieces on the tables, used “chapters” to number the tables, she even made a bajillion paper roses out of pages from old books to make her bouquet, decorate the hall… It was a fairy tale wedding with a happy ending.  She married her best friend.


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