Japanese meaning “snow” or “happiness”, depending on which site you choose from Google search. I say that this dog in particular could be both because to look at her I feel happy, and I think of snow (or fur ball but fur ball  wasn’t part of Google’s answer to my search). And come to think of it, after a long winter, it’s the only kind of snow that makes me happy.  🙂

This cute little white ball of fur is a Japanese Spitz who came all the way from Texas to become part of the Lancing family. She is sweet natured and quiet and gentle and I wanted to scoop her up and take her home. But alas, I’m not ready for a divorce from my “could-live-without-animals” hubby who is already indulging my love of dogs with 2 of my own at home. Plus, this family would surely have something to say about me sneaking out with their new addition!

I had the best time capturing Yuki in all her cuteness.  Boy do I love my job!  Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did taking them.

It’s hard work being this cute!  Yuki needed a nap after being such a sweet “model”.

Feel free to post pics of your own pets in the comments, I’d love to see them!

…be your own kind of beautiful…

xoxo Wendy


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