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It’s quite simple. People eat with their eyes first. Allow me to create your beautiful visuals so you can focus on your flavours.

You want to control the narrative when it comes to the images that represent you and your creations. You want those who search out your restaurant/cafe/bistro to see what you put out there before the cell phone photos that clients snap. Let’s face it those visuals are not always that appetizing. You want people to stop the scroll and think, “I need that!”.

Each photo can be used in multiple ways, keeping your branding consistent, which is paramount in any business.  You need your menu to look like your advertisements to look like your website to look like what you are serving your customers.  The images should be a personalized representation of YOUR vision, and YOUR creations, not a stock photography image of someone else’s.

You can have this… with real comments from people who saw Jay’s post on social media, like “Looks like something that came out from under the stove that’s been there for weeks!” and “Bro that looks like s%#t in a pita”

OR YOU COULD HAVE THIS! With real comments from people who saw his new post with my image like, “Interested!”, or “OMG I want beef and chicken!”, and “Sign me up”. And finally, ” great improvement on the photos, taken by a great local photographer.

This example is from a client of mine. I saw his photo on Facebook trying to sell his Jamaican patties. He was getting some REALLY negative comments which were sadly correct. I reached out to him and he took me up on my services. Those negative comments turned into order after order because PEOPLE EAT WITH THEIR EYES FIRST.


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